Published: Jun 16, 2010 4:04 AM EDT
Updated: Jun 16, 2010 1:04 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY - A new poll shows Collier taxpayers support expanding the Naples Zoo.
Trust for Public Land, a non-profit group, commissioned a phone poll of 300 Collier residents..  55% approved of a $30 million dollar bond proposal to expand the Naples Zoo an additional 22 acres.  41% of residents in the poll opposed the move.  Residents against the tax said it wasn't the right time to buy the land. 
"I know the people I represent are economically limited at this point in time because of loss of jobs and paycuts so I wouldn't be too excited to put another financial burden on them," says Collier County Commissioner Jim Coletta.
David Tetzlaff , the zoo's director, says residents would only be taxed about $5 to $10 dollars/year.  The county would own the land and the zoo would essentially take care of it. 
Commissioner Coletta says he would like to put a straw poll put on the November ballot so they could get more feedback from voters before making a final decision. 
"Is this the right time or the wrong time I don't know, but who would be the judge.  The public out there," says Commissioner Coletta.