Published: Jun 10, 2010 11:20 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 10, 2010 8:23 PM EDT

Cape Cora, Fla -  A Cape Coral woman wants an apology.

She says Lee County Sheriff's Deputies went inside her house looking for a wanted man.

Turns out the suspect hasn't lived there in more than a month.

"I just want them to leave us alone. I don't want them coming here anymore," Sheri Pogue said.

She says deputies have been watching her home her for the past month, looking for Joshua Schildgen.

He's a wanted fugitive for prescription drug fraud and lived at the, but moved out a month ago.

That was before Sheri moved in.

Sheri only met Joshua Schildgen once and it was when he was moving out of the house.

Other than that she doesn't even know him.

But Sheri says deputies are still watching her home looking for Schildgen.

On Wednesday they showed up at her door as part of a fugitive roundup looking for him.

One agent knocked on her door and she let him in, so they could see Schildgen wasn't there.

But Sheri says the scene got a little intimidating when she saw deputies in masks outside her house.

"I noticed two other undercovers with their SWAT gear on running around the house," she said.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office says they only went to the home as a precaution.

"We went to a former addresses just to confirm he was no longer at that location," said Lt. Larry King with the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

However, Sheri says they are always watching.

She says one investigator made a comment about her daughter playing in the park with friends.

"They continually come to my home looking for him whether I am here or not," she said.

Sheri adds that in addition to Wednesday's incident, deputies entered her home when she wasn't there last week.

When she got home, Sheri says she noticed the doors were unlocked and the gates were open.

She says the doors are always locked and the gates are always closed.

Then she went inside her home.

"I noticed some mail was dishelved in my home. I had this sense someone was in my home," Sheri said.

Sheri did some digging.

She says she found out deputies were in her home.

She claims one of the investigators even admitted to her they entered the home last week when she wasn't there.

But when WINK News asked for answers, the sheriff's office strongly denies it.

"Our folks would not enter the house. There's no reason for them too with no one there. They never entered the house," Lt. King said.

Sheri says differently and wants an apology.

"Certainly we are sorry that it's an inconvenience for her and troubled her, but we are just trying to do our job," Lt. King said.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office is still looking for Joshua Schildgen.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS.