Published: Jun 09, 2010 11:00 AM EDT
Updated: Jun 09, 2010 8:01 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Obama will return to the gulf coast for an update on the oil spill next week.

The President will go to Florida, Alabama and Mississippi on Monday and Tuesday.

The government says more oil was brought to the surface Monday than ever before.

About 622-thousand gallons of oil was captured-- more than half of what's been spewing out each day.

But new tests reveal oil is moving in plumes thousands of feet below the surface-- something BP originally questioned. There's now a no swim advisory because of oil -- along the Florida Panhandle.

Six miles of the beach on Perdido key -- is now unsafe to swim.

Florida state leaders got the chance to grill BP executives.

They say the oil company responsible for the gusher in the gulf, isn't moving fast enough, and oil threatens our biggest industries.

Governor Crist told a BP executive, it's critical to move quickly, because the spill threatens the financial security of millions of Floridians.

Meantime, Lee County wants to spend five thousand dollars to document what the coastline looks like now-- before any oil washes onto our shores.

A special state emergency plane will fly over the coast and take images of the shore.

We also learned that Lee County is signing an agreement with Moss Marine of Fort Myers Beach.

The business would serve as the main staging area for response to oil on the beaches.