Published: Jun 09, 2010 11:12 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 09, 2010 8:16 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla -  Cape Coral firefighters are training for new ways to save your life.

With summer almost here, more people are going to be in the water.

Firefighters are often the first rescue responders on scene, and they need to be prepared if you need help.

Regardless if it's a fire or not.

On Wednesday, about a dozen Cape firefighters suited up not for a fire, but for training in the water.

In addition to fighting fires, these guys are also divers.

If you're in any type of boating or water related accident often they are the ones saving your life.

Trainer Ryan Corlew says the city has hundreds of miles of shoreline leaving many opportunities for water related accidents.

"With all the docks and streams, children adults end up in the water and that's a big part of our job," he said about their rescue operations.

Corlew adds, "water is one of those things we don't have time to prepare or plan. When the call comes in we got 5-6 minutes to get there and get them out of the water."

That's why members of the Cape Coral Fire Department's Marine Team are training in the water.

They are testing their swimming stamina, diving and rescue skills, snorkeling, and treading water.

If a rescue call comes in, say a car in a canal and the Cape Fire Department is there first, they can help immediately.

"Our trucks get there as soon as possible. We will suit up and get in the water," Corlew said.

Each fire truck is equipped with an air tank, snorkel mask and other swimming gear.

In 2009 there were 92 marine related accidents in the city.

From boat fires and drownings to cars in a canal.

In each instance, Cape firefighters were crucial in the rescue.

Now that summer is almost here, they are brushing up on their skills to make sure if you need help they are ready.

"It's very important to keep our guys up," Corlew said.

Wednesday's training exercise is one of several the department is having.

The department has a total of 86 firefighters who are also trained as scuba divers.