Published: Jun 05, 2010 4:36 AM EDT
Updated: Jun 05, 2010 1:36 AM EDT

GOLDEN GATE ESTATES - Neighbors in Golden Gate Estates are worried about a proposed rock quarry that would be right in their community.
Lennar Homes applied for a permit with the Army Corps of Engineers.  
Resident Bob Lenahan says he's worried about noise, wildlife, water quality and residential roads.
"There's a potential for heavy road traffic," says Lenahan.
Commissioner Jim Coletta says he found out about the proposed quarry after numerous residents wrote him letters and emails.
"The impact of the residential streets in the estates is just totally unacceptable," says Commissioner Coletta.
But, there's already a quarry nearby in Golden Gate Estates.
"That was there before the Estates was really settled," says Commissioner Coletta.
Trucks use major roads to get to and from that quarry.  Lenahan says he doesn't like that mine either.
"I can tell when they blast every tuesday, cause the house shakes," says Lenahan.
The current mine is farther away than the new proposed one. 
"Imagine what will happen when they set off their explosions there," says Lenahan.
The new mine could be around for more than 20 years, but it could potentially bring in jobs too.
"Yes it could but at what cost," says Commissioner Coletta.  "You always have to weigh these balances, Jobs on one hand against the impact on the other hand."
Wink News tried to reach Lennar Homes for comment on this story, but they have not returned our call.