Published: Jun 03, 2010 1:12 AM EDT
Updated: Jun 02, 2010 7:47 PM EDT

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. - You've heard this type of story time and time again. A pair of supposed Kirby Vacuum sales people convinced a Port Charlotte woman to let them inside her home to demonstrate their product. She decided not to buy, so they left... but they apparently didn't leave empty-handed.  

Tuesday afternoon, Mary got a knock at the door. "A girl came to the door offering me a Coke, a 2 liter Coke, and I told her I didn't want it," Mary said. "She said that they were advertising Kirby."

The 76 year old grandmother had been thinking about getting a new vacuum cleaner, so she let the well-dressed woman and her male partner in, but didn't ask for ID. "They sounded legit," Mary said. "They kept showing it can do this, it can do that, and I told them I didn't have any carpeting, but they said it could clean the floors and the grout in-between."

The asking price? $2,455.  They wouldn't take no for an answer, even cutting the price in half.  Finally, they gave up and the woman asked to use Mary's phone to call their ride. A white SUV rolled up, and they were gone. Mary remembered seeing the man standing in her kitchen area during the demonstration. "I walked over immediately after they'd gone, I guess they were not off the street yet when I noticed the pills were missing," Mary said.

Someone had stolen a full month's supply of Clozapam which she takes to help her sleep.  "It has me upset. I could hardly sleep last night."

She's couldn't sleep, not just because she'd lost her meds, but also her sense of security. "I would just say don't let anybody in your house. not anybody at all."

Was she scammed or were these dishonest Kirby salespeople? A woman at Kirby Vacuum of Fort Myers told me their sales people only come by appointment. I called Pivitol Inc in Sarasota which also distributes these vacuums. They still have not returned my call.

It was a tough lesson for Mary. She hopes her story will help make sure no one else becomes a victim.