Published: Jun 02, 2010 9:30 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 02, 2010 6:40 PM EDT

Highway safety groups want Gov. Charlie Crist to veto a bill, allowing heavier trucks on Florida roads.    The bill passed the legislature, to raise the weights from 80-thousand pounds to 88-thousand.

"This is terrible, to place the trucking industry profit, ahead of the safety of the driving public," said one driver who did not want to be named.  

Another driver was more understanding of the needs of truckers.  "I feel the guys are out there trying to make a living, and it is hard for them, with gas prices and all.  Maybe this can help them make some more money," said Grant Gomez.   "As long as the trucks are well-maintained, the extra weight should not be  a problem."

The American Automobile Association, AAA, disagrees.  "We do not want anything that would endanger the driving public.    These weights would make the trucks more dangerous and make it more likely that they would damage the concrete on our roads, which governments cannot afford to fix right now," said David Pojero of AAA.   "Studies show that the large trucks make up only 4% of registered vehicles.  Yet they are involved in 11% of fatal crashes," he added.

Gov. Crist has until this Saturday to sign the bill, or veto it.