Published: May 29, 2010 11:49 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - The Florida Highway Patrol is out in full force this Memorial Day weekend. Troopers said this weekend is the most dangerous on the roads and our WINK News photographer learned that first hand.

Our photographer was nearly hit by a truck while he was at a traffic stop with a trooper. The truck ran off the road onto the shoulder of I-75 - fish tailing for dozens of yards.

This happened while Corporal Allen Williams was writing a different driver a ticket for going 24 miles over the speed limit.

Then, another driver was stopped.

Still, vehicles were not changing lanes or slowing down for the lights on the side of the road... so back up was called.

Drivers were ticketed $159 for not moving over.

Troopers said they are on the lookout for everything during Memorial Day weekend.

"You have a lot of people out trying to have fun. They do a lot of drinking and they don't always use their heads."

But troopers continue to make checks they would any other day.

Troopers also said this is the deadliest weekends for drivers and they will have extra patrols out till Monday.