Published: May 28, 2010 3:05 AM EDT

Fort Myers Beach, Fla - A massive search off Ft. Myers Beach has been going since around 7pm Thursday.

Crews went well into the night concentrating their efforts off Lovers Key possibly due to the strong current. Rescuers are walking up and down the beach in hopes of possibly spotting that missing boater.

The Lee County Sheriffs Office tells us two men in their early to mid 20s were on 20 foot boat when they hit a sand bar about a mile out and were throw into the water.

One of the men managed to swim to shore and was rushed to the hospital the other hasn't been seen since.

The one boater's condition remains unknown tonight.

Two women walking down the beach say they heard the cries for help and immediately got in the water to help.

The Coast Guard, FWC and members of the Lee County Sheriff's Office all took part in the search for the man.