Published: May 27, 2010 4:52 AM EDT
Updated: May 26, 2010 10:54 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla. - Police say a Naples man went on a stealing spree, stealing from a neighbor's home and several home goods stores.

WINK News is learning he may have stolen items to stock his own antique store.

"Talk, have coffee, everybody sits and enjoys the table," Anne Cooper says of the wrought iron table and chairs that sat outside her show room on 3rd Avenue North for the last year.

"She went out to water the plants and my assistant Annie says where are the table and chairs?"

Not only was the furniture missing, but a 100 pound pot of flowers that Annie was about to water was gone too.

Anne Cooper Interiors wasn't the only one missing stuff. Two Adirondack chairs were stolen from Whitman Designs next door.

And down the road...

"Do you notice something missing? And it was the concrete fruit baskets which weigh, I'd say about 70 pounds," Brenda Little at Twigs tells me.

The owner of Twigs, along with the other shops, called police.

Authorities got a tip they could find the goods at Regan Reed's house on 4th Avenue South. When they searched the property they found most of the merchandise in his front yard. Many pieces had been painted to disguise them.

"I had heard he had gathered all these things up actually to sell, to open up a store, or a shop," Little tells me detectives informed her.

A neighbor, who recently reported Reed for stealing money and a birdbath, tells WINK News Reed was outside painting furniture day and night.

He says Reed has a booth to sell items at Shirley Street Antiques.

The owner of the antique store says Reed did have a booth there, but police came and took items from it on Friday. He says he had no idea some of the items may have been stolen.

Reed is currently in the Naples jail on several theft charges.