Published: May 25, 2010 9:56 AM EDT

It's a promising sign that the unemployment numbers have dropped.  people are finding work...while others are still desperately searching.

Home-tech recently hired several new workers, including Kimberly Rishing.  She'd been unemployed, but took a job in retail just to make ends meet.
Finally...the owner of Home-tech created a position...and hired Kimberly.

Her advice to job seekers, "keep a chin up, keep plugging at it, try to get more creative on how to get yourself out there.  Don't just shoot out a have to get out there yourself."

Jay Krause recently lost his job.

"I used to have two jobs, then I was down to one, and now I'm down to nothing."

The new figures are skewed a bit because the number of workers and those searching for work both dropped.