Published: May 24, 2010 10:23 AM EDT
Updated: May 24, 2010 10:33 AM EDT

Cape Coral, Fla.-The fate of a controversial condo project is in the hands of Cape Coral City Council Monday night.

The $384 million high rise condo project was originally shot down two years ago.

But the developer has made some changes and has now gotten backing from some high profile supporters, including the Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce.

Monday, the Cape City Council will gather here at city hall to cast a vote on a multi-million dollar condo project that, if approved, would change the northwest part of the city.

The proposed Sans Souci is a 14--story high rise condo village that would be built on old Burnt Store Road on 47 acres of land.

The proposal includes nearly 600 condos that would be sold for less than $200,000 a piece and the development's amenities would be open to the public.

In early April, the Cape Coral planning and zoning committee approved the project, after the developer agreed to pay $6 million to hook up to the city's water system.

They also promised to use local contractors for construction which could spell a lot of badly needed jobs.

But not everyone's excited.

Some neighbors fear the project will lead to congested streets and say there are already too many empty high rises in the area..

During a town hall meeting at the Cape library Saturday, most people were against the development.

Sans Souci Bay would be built over 10 years, with the first village being completed three years from now.

The vote gets started at Monday night's 4:30 p.m. meeting.