Published: May 22, 2010 4:51 AM EDT
Updated: May 22, 2010 4:50 AM EDT

Lehigh Acres, Fla - The stabbing of a 21 year old mother and her 3 month old son is bringing forward the dark and often unspoken reality of violence against women.

"There were pools of blood around the baby and the mother." That's how one witness described the scene in Lehigh Acres, where authorities say a 43-year old man slashed the throats of his daughter and grandson.   

The child died of his wounds Friday afternoon.

"The fact that he went after his own grandson is not something we commonly see", said Christine Kobie with Abuse Counseling and Treatment in Fort Myers.

Karminda Salazar was no stranger to being beat by her father. According to court documents WINK News obtained back in March of 2009 Salazar told deputies "I opened the door and he started screaming at me... he grabbed me by the neck and was choking me."

In May, authorities were called out to her home again, "He started arguing with me, because he said I talked too much on the phone... I went to a neighbors house to call the police. As I walking out... he put a knife to my throat and asked me if I wanted to die."

A restraining order was granted days after the second attack, but according to investigators the pair was living together when it expired Thursday.