Published: May 21, 2010 1:27 AM EDT
Updated: May 21, 2010 1:32 AM EDT

CAPTIVA, Fla. - WINK News found a snowbird who is taking her annual flight to new heights.


She decided to go para-sailing once a year and she started when she was 89, that was eight years ago.


97-year-old Charlotte Seidl was in the hospital just two weeks ago with stomach pains. Her doctors told her she couldn't go para-sailing this year unless she got better, so she willed it.


"I have to keep moving or I get stiff and I can't go!"


Charlotte lives in Detroit for half the year, but only high above her southern home can she enjoy views like this.


Her son said mom hasn't slowed down... and why would you, when you can start taking up new sports in your 90's?


"I showed her pictures and she said she wanted to do it and I said why not? She wants to do it when she's 100 so we'll see what happens."


Now, her annual adventure on Captiva has become something of an event.


"We love having her out here. She's so lively and she just loves it and it's great to see her so happy."