Published: May 19, 2010 1:11 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.-- This morning we want to trim your transportation costs.

We got these common cents tips from

AAA says the average cost of owning and driving a car 15 thousand miles a year is over $8,000 and if you own an SUV, it's more than $10,000.

That includes all costs of ownership.

So here are three tips: First, if you drive a beater, worth $2,000 or less you may pay more to insure your car than it's worth.

Dropping the comprehensive and collision coverage could reduce your premium by one-third.

Another tip from Kiplinger is to shop around for gas.

If you go to wink, we've got a link to gas which monitors gas prices.

Gas prices vary as much as 20 percent within only a few blocks so it pays to shop around.

Finally, if you're a regular at the gas pump, consider getting a credit card that will give you cash back for filling up.

The Discover Open Road card gives you five percent cash back on gas and auto maintenance charges up to 100 dollars per month.

not too bad!

Also, AAA offers a free, I-phone ap that shows you where the cheapest gas can be found.

It's called the triple a Trip Tik Mobile ap.