Published: May 18, 2010 2:12 AM EDT

ESTERO, Fla.-- No more mines.  That's the catch phrase for some people in Estero.  They want to defeat plans for a huge rock mine on the north side of Corkscrew Rd., several miles east of  I-75.

"This would be devastating to quality of life.  On so  many levels, from traffic to water quality to noise, this mine would be bad for people in our community," said Don Eslick, a long-time activist and leader in Estero.

"I fear the dynamite blasting," said Bev Davis, who lives near the proposed rock mine.   "When the other mines blast, the whole house shakes.   Even the computer wires come loose sometimes.   It is frightening."

A corporation called Resource Conservation Holdings LLC wants to turn about 1300 acres into a limestone rock mine.   They would dig down to 110 feet, harvesting hundreds of tons of rock.  The mine most likely would be active for decades.   Repeated  attempts by WINK News  to get a comment from  RCH, based on the east coast of Florida, proved unsuccessful.

"We have to stop this.  It will ruin our quality of life.   It will put so many trucks on Corkscrew Road that it will be very dangerous," predicted Bev Davis.

RCH won approval from a Lee Co. Hearing Examiner.  Richard Gescheidt found:   there already are mines in the area, and one more will not prevent people from building homes or re-selling current homes.    He also ruled, trucks alone do not make the roads more dangerous.    He also rejected concerns about possible impacts on the ground-water supplies.

Lee Commissioners, acting as the Zoning Board, take up the case on Weds., May 26.    Opponents vow to get as many people as possible to the zoning hearing, to make sure commissioners know there are strong feelings against the rock mine.