Published: May 18, 2010 12:32 PM EDT

We have five simple steps to save money on your wedding.

This comes from the author of "Priceless Weddings For Under $5000"!

Kathleen Kennedy says #1: Prioritize.

Decide what is most important to you and cut corners on the less important items.

#2: Limit the guest list.

Most wedding vendors charge per person so this can really reduce the cost.

The best rule of thumb: don't invite more guests than you can spend one minute of time with.

For example, if you have 300 guests it would take over five hours just to spend one minute with each person.

#3: Food.

A buffet is always cheaper than a sit down meal.

You could consider drop off catering.

#4: Location, location, location.

There are many low or no-cost locations, including national parks or a friend's home.

Plus, a wedding on any day but Saturday will reduce expenses.

Morning weddings are also usually cheaper.

#5: Do it yourself invitations.

Using just a computer and pre cut invitations could save you a bundle...and no one will know you did it yourself, unless you want them to.