Published: May 17, 2010 12:15 PM EDT

Today, a simple way to save more than a thousand dollars a year--and maybe even drop some weight.

Instead of going out to lunch, brown bag it!

It's easy to go out with your co-workers and have a good time, but those lunches out can add up.

You could easily spend 10 bucks per meal on lunch.

Bringing your own lunch could cost half-that.

If you save that 5 dollars a day--for 52 weeks of the year, you've saved $1300.

Not to mention, bringing your own lunch is much healthier.

Here's one secret to liking your lunch: spice it up.

Make it interesting, and don't always bring the same thing.

That will help you not crave going out.

Plus, make your lunch the night before, so when you are crunched for time, you aren't tempted to just eat out.

Also, join a "lunch pool". It's the same concept as car-pooling.  One day each week, one person in the "lunch pool" makes lunch for you and three other people.  If four people are in the "lunch pool" you will get a different meal three times a week, and one day each week, you'll get to prepare a lunch for others.  This can save money and time!