Published: May 16, 2010 12:13 AM EDT

Some new legal minds are about to start defending or prosecuting.  More than 80 graduates of Ave Maria School of Law walked on stage to get their degrees.

They spent years of grinding their brains to the max...just to get to this point.

In the plush ambiance of the naples philharmonic...Ave Maria handed out law degrees-- it's the first time since the school of law moved from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Southwest Florida.

"When we start thinking about moving the law school from Michigan to Florida several years ago it would be hard to imagine a day like this," says Eugene Milhizer, dean of Ave Maria School of Law.  

"I wanna pass the bar...and then at that point I'll start thinking about that.  I just wanna get through the bar first then think about the job situation," says graduate Lauren Rhyne.

Former Governor Jeb Bush delivered the commencement speech, and joked the last time he was around this many lawyers was during the 2000 election.