Published: May 15, 2010 4:26 AM EDT

Fort Myers, Fla - Gary Miller is in the business of making lawns across Southwest Florida beautiful, but it's his idea on how to stop the oil leak in the gulf that could make him famous. Miller, who is President of Business Beautification, has been in contact with British Petroleum after drawing up a plan involving a series of pipes and cotton.

"Its cheap, its viable, its non-toxic", he argues.

Miller developed his solution after becoming frustrated with efforts by BP to cap the leak were unsuccessful. It involved packing bales of cottons into pipes and running into the leaking oil rig in the gulf in hopes of creating a clot and stopping the leak.

He tested the idea with a half-inch PVC pip and a low pressure sprinkler that was leaking.

Miller got in contact with BP over the phone before filling out an online form. The oil giant followed up with a call asking Miller to explain his plan step-by-step.

"[cotton] expands 10 times its size and will clog up the oil spill", he told BP.

The company said it would notify Miller if they decide to use his solution, something he's okay with even if it means making changes to his idea.

BP has stressed it will not pay for plans submitted by people to cap the leak.