Published: May 15, 2010 5:13 AM EDT

NAPLES, Fla. - New developments to the emergency beach renourishment project in Naples. It was just approved by commissioners on Tuesday for Doctor's Pass and North Park Shore. But now, it could be put on hold; which could mean less public access according to the county's deal with condo owners.

Most people are happy to have Collier's local beaches renourished, but not if it means harming sea turtles.

"Let the turtles do their thing, and then after they're finished they can do replenish of sand," part-time resident Marinko Blagojevich believes.

That may be exactly what the county has to do.

Right now, they've requested a special permit for renourishment of Doctor's Pass and North Park Shore beaches during sea turtle nesting season.

"We have received some data that shows there's nesting going on in these areas," Biologist Robbin Trindell with Florida Fish and Wildlife says.

FWC, along with US Fish and Wildlife and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection have to give the go ahead in order for these beaches to have work done.

Currently, FWC is looking into the situation to see if the project can be done after nesting season in November.

Historically, Trindell says that's what they've done here. "Collier County projects have been done primarily outside of turtle nesting season. I really can recall very few projects that have gone forward in the county."

A decision not to replenish sand now, before hurricane season, may not go over well with condo owners. Part of the deal with the county was sand in return for public access.

Could the public loose out on this one? Many beach goers hope not.

"I think that Moraya had enough bad publicity over that, that the other resorts won't try it," one man says referring to another condo that tried to block public access.

FWC says an example of an emergency renourishment could be a named hurricane coming our way.

Trindell tells me, although turtles have undergone tremendous stress from the oil leak and clean up, it won't impact a decision with the permit. No word yet when that decision will be made.