Published: May 15, 2010 5:23 PM EDT

FORT JACKSON, La. (AP) - Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says BP had a problem with its latest attempt to stop a massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill but is continuing the effort to stick a mile-long
tube into the gusher at the ocean floor.

Salazar offered few details about the snag that occurred early Saturday during a briefing at a bird rescue center near Fort Jackson.

BP PLC technicians have been carefully trying to guide the skinny tube into a leaking oil pipe to siphon crude to the surface. A stopper surrounding the tube would keep oil from leaking into the

Salazar said the company had to reconfigure its approach but is continuing the work. He said: "They are back down again ... trying to get it inserted." He wouldn't elaborate.

A BP spokesman said he hadn't received the report Salazar had, so he couldn't comment on it.