Published: May 14, 2010 10:26 PM EDT


A Fort Myers woman says a German Shepard is terrorizing her neighborhood and even attacked her.

It's been happening around Baltimore Avenue off of Palm Beach Boulevard.

Cheryl Blea was glad to showed WINK News what the dog did last night when she was walking home. Blea had to go to the hospital to have a dog bite wound stapled shut.
She says the neighbors down the street let the dog run loose. Animal services officers say they have been looking for the dog but haven't found it. Blea says she just wants to feel safe on her street.

"Pretty terrifying especially because after the bite, the dog, you know, he didn't leave, he kept circling me, so i thought i was going to get bit again...maybe fall to the ground, it was just terrifying," said Blea.

Animal services says the owner could face fines upward of 500 dollars. If the dog is found loose, it will be quarantined.