Published: May 14, 2010 3:41 AM EDT

ESTERO, Fla. - A teenage girl found guilty of DUI manslaughter will never get her license. That was a judge's ruling Thursday.

The 16-year-old, who we are not naming because of her age, flipped the car she was driving in March last year - killing her friend inside.

That driver was reportedly hopping railroad tracks - going more than double the speed limit... and tests show her blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit.

The railroad tracks sit on a hill. The speed limit is 30 miles per hour, but neighbors say drivers go much faster.

"Which is not uncommon for those tracks."

On March 28th last year, three teens hopped the tracks going 70 miles per hour - only two survived the crash that followed. 16-year-old Brandon Hulvey was ejected from the car and killed. It happened in Paul Brooks front yard.

"Right in here. It was upside down with the roof of the vehicle buried underground... and there was a young man under the tree that was injured."

Since the accident, Brooks said things haven't changed.

"Anywhere from 40 to, every once in a while about 100."


"They enjoy the speed I guess."


"Oh yes. All the time. You can sit here and watch them."

Neighbors have tried to get the tracks lowered and have even asked the county to install guard rails on both sides of the road, but for those who drive by - a reminder of how deadly the road can be passes them on the shoulder.

Besides never being able to get her license, the teen driver was also put into a juvenile program.

WINK News tried to speak to both the driver and her family and the family of the deceased tonight, but neither answered their doors.