Published: May 13, 2010 12:17 PM EDT

     Investigators may have found the pick up truck involved in a hit and run accident early Monday morning on Bayshore Road. 

     A witness to the accident reported to the Lee County Sheriff's office seeing the same pick up truck in the Sweetbay parking lot on Bayshore Rd. late Wednesday night. 

     Deputies found the truck, a Ford F-150, had damage consistent with being involved in an accident.

     However, investigators have not been able to make contact with the registered owner. 

     Right now, the truck is in F.D.L.E. custody for  a complete examination and efforts are underway to find out who the truck belongs too, if it is the one from the hit and run, and who may have been behind the wheel.

     The hit and run victim, 22 year old David Mustonen is still  hospitalized in critical condidtion.