Published: May 13, 2010 12:06 AM EDT

CAPE CORAL, FL- Four guys caught on surveillance cameras, one dressed as an "evil bunny", wreak havoc on Greenwell's Family Fun Park in Cape Coral.

Donna Adams says she brings her two year old nephew to Greenwell's three days a week.

She says, "It's an excellent place to come."

Police say the place was vandalized by four young men caught on surveillance video. One of the suspects was wearing the park's "evil bunny" costume worth four hundred dollars.

Adams says, "I'ts terrible that somebody messed up his little play park," referring to her young nephew.

The vandals also moved around go-carts, painted obscene pictures in a garage and threw a gorilla statue into a pond.

Former employee Robert Branham says, "They say they have video I'd like to see it."

James and Robert Branham are twin brothers who used to work at Greenwell's. They were identified by a manager as two of the suspects caught on video.

James says, "They accused us of trying to steal something before and now they're trying to accuse us of this."

The brothers say they were fired the last time they were accused, but harbor no ill will toward Greenwell's.

Robert says, "We're already on our way, We've got jobs, we've moved on, still living here,  we have don't need them anymore."

Greenwell's would not elaborate on the crime or the suspects.