Published: May 13, 2010 2:19 AM EDT

Authorities are requiring a contractor, Posen Construction, to remove many tons of dirt and pilings from a work site, contaminated with asbesots.   The work is supposed to begin next Tuesday, with workers wearing special protective coveralls and masks.

The work will encompass the south part of the fly-over, or bridge, at College and Summerlin in Lee County.   Posen is building the fly-over as part of the widening of a stretch of Summerlin.

"We feel happy we are finally at this point.   Posen will clean up the dirt and remove it.  Residents and workers will be safe," said Rhonda Haag, spokesperson for the Fl. Dept. of Environmental Protection.

Posen workers will have to wear coveralls, masks, gloves and air monitors, as well as hard-hats.

The monitors will check for levels of any toxic chemicals.

The work will delay the completion of the road project by about 6 months at least.   Lee Co. says Posen could face penalties of up to 10,125 dollars per day, for missing the completion date.

The contaminated fill will be trucked to a landfill north of Lake Okeechobee.