Published: May 12, 2010 2:16 AM EDT

SAN CARLOS PARK, Fla. - Neighbors living in fear said two pit bulls are terrorizing their San Carlos Park community. They are even blaming the dogs for killing their pets and even biting a man.

Two cats were found dead and one man was left with six stitches in his leg. Now, people living there are going to animal services about a neighbors dogs.

"There's a whole neighborhood telling you these dogs are on the loose all the time. Stop it."

Eileen Reddy already lost her cat - blaming two pit bulls who live nearby. The next day, neighbor Tim Donini found proof.

"I found her cat, the black one, underneath our trees. It was just laying there lifeless."

The same day, Reddy's cat went missing, Ian Rucker had a run in with the two pit bulls while walking down the street.

"It came up and sniffed me and then it bit me out of nowhere. His ears where down and everything. It looked like he wanted to be petted and it just bit me."

The bite left two holes in the 18-year-olds leg - sewn together by six stitches, but Rucker said this wasn't the first time he met the dogs.

"A couple weeks before, I was at my bus stop getting on my bus and they came running at me."

We talked to the dogs owner He admitted his pit bulls have gotten out of his home.

"They got out because somebody kicked my door in and busted out a window, so I wasn't abe to fix the window properly, so they got out like three times."

That's enough for these neighbors to file complaints with animal services.

According to animal services, the pit bulls are still in the neighborhood, because the cats owner and the man who was bitten, have not been able to prove which dogs specifically are guilty.