Published: May 11, 2010 5:19 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - In just a few weeks, Governor Charlie Crist will decide if he's going to allocate $130 million of state funding to get Jackson Laboratories to come to Collier County. If he does, the county may have to match it.

Jackson Laboratories is a leading non-profit genetics research institute based in Maine.

One idea to come up with the funds might affect your electric bill. An idea being kicked around by the county is to put a fee increase on Florida Power and Light bills. The fee could be anywhere up to six percent.

Some Collier residents say they don't think FPL should act as a collection agency for the county to raise the money.

Others, like Harry Mossbrook, say if it brings well paying jobs to the are then it's worth it. "What you're talking about, that's no big thing, a couple hundred dollars a year. It wouldn't break me and if it created jobs for people it'd be worth it."

The idea to have FPL charge a fee is only an idea so far. County commissioners are coming up with other ways to get the money. Something they will only have to do if Crist approves the funds from the state, and the county believes the money spent will be worth it.

Executives from Jackson Labs will be in Naples next week to talk about this opportunity.