Published: May 11, 2010 10:31 PM EDT

Fort Myers, Fla - The idea of a swim center in Lee County lives on.

The idea was nixed by Cape Coral last month, but Tuesday, Lee County Commissioners voted to move forward with the idea.

Commissioners unanimously decided to send a letter of interest to the National Swim Center Corporation.

This means the two sides will begin talks and develop ideas to see if the City of Palms Park can be transformed into an aquatic center.

This baby step is the first of many steps to possibly bring the swim center to Fort Myers.

The idea, sunk by Cape Coral Councilors, has Fort Myers Mayor Randy Henderson, cautiously optimistic.

"What's lacking in what I saw in the Cape was details. What we need is details in financing. How much contributions will the sponsors bring?," Mayor Henderson told WINK News.

Details surrounding the project are still being developed.

Artist renderings, financing, construction all need to be worked out.

The National Swim Center Corporation has 120 days to come up with a feasible plan for the project.

"Our whole business model is making swimming facilities economically viable," said Sal Panico, Director of the National Swim Center Corporation.

If Commissioners agree the project is a good deal, they could start with construction after the Red Sox move out of the City of Palms Park in 2012.

"2012 is fast approaching and we know we do not want is a dark stadium. So let's examine it. It's an opportunity," Mayor Henderson said about the project.

Early estimates put the cost of construction somewhere thirty million range.

Lee County would have to pay a minimum of $4.5 million dollars of it.