Published: May 10, 2010 11:58 PM EDT

Lee County, Fla -  New details tonight on a Cape Coral boat crash that severely injured three people.

We're learning one of the victims continues to cling to life.

Jason Baldner remains in critical condition.

The other two men, Jason William has been upgraded to serious condition.

Eric Terpsma is in listed as fair.

The three men were rushed to Lee Memorial Hospital on Saturday after their boat slammed into a seawall, went airborne and crashed on land.

Witnesses say the boat was speeding.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission continues its investigation into the crash.

They believe alcohol may have played a role and as with most crashes, this one could have been avoided.

Lt. Mike Frantz from FWC is out on the water Monday--- reminding boaters to be safe.

"Boating safety is extremely important," he said.

Safety is always a priority, but the agency is highlighting it again following Saturday's boat crash in Cape Coral.

The front of the boat was ripped to shreds after slamming into the seawall near Coral Point Road.

It's unclear why the men crashed, but evidence alcohol was found on the boat.

"You're allowed to have an open container, but it's really not encouraged," said Lt. Frantz.

FWC says the month of May is the most dangerous because there's more people on the water, so you need to be careful.

"It's going to be more dangerous and more hazardous," Frantz said.

A recent study by FWC lists Lee and Collier counties among the top ten for most boat accidents the state.

Collier ranks 6th-- with 26 accidents.

2 were fatal.

The cause of most accidents: not looking out for other boaters.

Lee County is ranked number 9 with 22 boat accidents.

1 fatal.

Primary cause of these accidents: operator error.

"Be cognizant of your surroundings," Lt. Frantz said.

Other tips to stay safe on the water this summer:

- If you're steering the boat, don't drink

- Assign someone to be a "lookout"

- don't speed

- wear your life jacket

- most importantly-- use common sense.

"It's the most important thing that you can have with you all the time," Lt. Frantz said.

FWC says it's investigation is ongoing so they couldn't comment on specifics.

They are waiting for blood samples to confirm if alcohol was involved.

Trust us to let you know what they find out.