Published: May 09, 2010 3:27 AM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -  Three boaters are in the hospital after a dramatic crash Saturday evening.

The boat hit a seawall, went airborne and crashed on land.

The crash happened around 7pm at the end of Coral Point Road in Cape Coral.

The three men on board were air lifted to Lee Memorial Hospital.

"I'm extremely shocked this happened," said one woman.

Eyewitnesses say the boat was speeding, turned fast lost control and slammed into the seawall.

"He was going fast and hit the seawall directly and came straight out of the water onto the ground," said Kurt Harcleroade.

He say the boat went airborne and crashed onto land.

A gaping gash stretched across the front of the boat.

Harcleroade says he couldn't believe it.

"I ran downstairs and told my wife and girls to call 911."

He rushed to boat to help the men on board.

"I was trying to see if they were breathing and conscious. I got a couple groans," said Harcleroade.

Rescue crews arrived minutes later.

One by one,the victims were removed on stretchers.

They were med-flighted to Lee Memorial Hospital.

As of Saturday night, their names and the extent of their injuries are unknown.

Eyewitnesses say the men are lucky to be alive.

The crash was horrible.

"It was a big boom. When it hit that sea wall it went straight up," Harcleroade told WINK News.

It's unclear if alcohol may have played a role in this crash.

Florida Fish and Wildflife has taken over the investigation, trust us to let you know what they find out.