Published: May 08, 2010 5:35 AM EDT

LEE COUNTY - Authorities seize two guns found at two Lee County schools this week. 

On Friday, a 15-year-old from Fort Myers High School was found with a gun in his duffel bag.  School administrators say two of his classmates turned him in.  Students tell WINK News it's all they've been talking about since the found out.

"It's hard to imagine there was a gun at school today," says Sophomore Zachary Francis.

"Supposedly I was right down the hall from it," says student Andrew McBride.  "I didn't even know it was going on."

Deputies busted 16-year-old David Rodriguez, on Wednesday, for bringing a loaded gun to Lehigh Senior High School.  He's not even a student there.

Parents and grandparents say they're very concerned.

"Well it surprises me, but then again it doesn't," says Grandmother Linda Beard.  "Things are changing."

The Lee County School District says administrators at Fort Myers High took the gun from the student within three minutes of being notified.  They're now investigating how the gun got onto the campus.  Their next step is
figuring out what other safety precautions need to be put into place to keep kids safe.
Some students say they're not opposed to metal detectors.

"I guess I'm all for it because if it makes people safer its good," says Francis.

Others are just hoping nothing like this will happen again.

"Kinda scared but that's how it is these days," says McBride.