Published: May 08, 2010 12:43 AM EDT

Cape Coral, Fla -  Hundreds of volunteers work for weeks to complete a special playground in Cape Coral.

The Liam J Perk playground is named in honor of a 2 year old boy killed by the family dog in December.

The playground is at Rotary Park near Pelican Boulevard in Cape Coral.

It's set to open May 15th, but before then more work needs to be done and your help is needed.

The death of Liam was tragic for the family and saddened the community as a whole.

That's when everyone came together to build the playground in Liam's memory.

Since the beginning of April, hundreds of volunteers worked daily to finish the entire thing.

"It's amazing. With 265 people as of yesterday. Most are strangers," said Henry Posey, Liam's uncle.

The playground was designed by Liam's mom.

Each part of it, from the slides to the poles pays tribute to the little boy.

"There's meaning that can be found in almost every piece. The colors. the orange and green. Those were the colors in Liam's room. The brown. he had huge brown eyes," Posey said.

Liam's initials are etched into a piece of the playground as are all his favorite things.

Early next week, a member of Cape Coral Parks and Recreations department is supposed to inspect the playground.

To make sure it's ready, more work needs to be done.

"Tomorrow we can use a good 40 people to come out and help with the mulch," Posey said.

On Saturday, they also need help cleaning up the area.

Also Saturday, children can also cement their hand prints into the area around the playground

That costs a buck but the dollar donation goes toward a foundation set up in Liam's honor.

The foundation helps educate families about understanding body language of dogs and keeping children safe around dogs.

For more information about the foundation, click on this link:

If you want to volunteer Saturday or have your kids hands cemented into the ground, here's the information:

Liam J Perk Playground

Rotary Park

5505 Rose Garden Road

Cape Coral

The playground is set to open May 15th. A big unveiling will happen then. That will take place 10am-3pm at the playground.