Published: May 08, 2010 1:56 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.-Four local mothers were given the surprise of a lifetime Friday.

Their kids secretly entered them in the WINK News Story Book Mother's Day Contest.

With an armored truck and very soft hearts, Norman Love and Mark Loren made up an impressive prize patrol.

When they arrived with their hand crafted gifts for the deserving moms they were met with tears of joy.

11 year old Trystan Yzaguirre of Immokalee nominated his mom, Donna. "It's like so easy for her. I wonder how she does it. So I just wanted to give her something nice for mother's day so i entered the contest hoping I would win."

Trystan has Cystic Fibrosis and his dad is in a vegatative state due to a heart attack 12 years ago.

Donna says, "It was rough but I go back to my faith and I feel honored that god thought I was good enough to be his mother."

Laura Bowling was shocked. She has been a CVS employee for almost 26 years. The Naples mom never misses a day of work. Even after two pay cuts, and her brother's death from cancer, Laura can smile. "I can not believe this. I give with my whole heart and I never expect anything in return. That's the way I was raised by my father and I give with my heart and my love."

Her daughter Kelly Renay says, "She's always taught me that no matter what you go through, your word, your honesty, stand up straight put your chin up and walk forward."

Rosa Tortosa is the head custodian at Caloosa Elementary School in Cape Coral. Never complaining, she put her education on hold for financial reasons. She is a mother to five, and grandmother to eight children. She is thrilled to be honored. "I love my kids and I love my family. I love my work. I'm just so excited."

Her daughter Johanna says her mother is everything to her. "She's my best friend and without her I really don't know what I would do."

WINK's fourth honoree is Rosie Young of Fort Myers. Her son passed away, and she's been raising his daughter Morgan since she was three. Rosie explains, "She said Grandma, maybe Daddy is in a better place. And it made me feel like maybe I taught her something. To realize that prayers do answer and oh, Lord! He sure answered mine."

Rosie's motto is: Share. Its one Norman and Mark are putting into practice.

Mark says being a part of the contest has changed him. "It's pretty amazing. I won't be the same guy after today."

Norman shares his sentiment. "For me, personally. it has certainly changed my life. I know I've had tears in my eyes a couple times today. It's just a special thing."