Published: May 07, 2010 3:37 AM EDT

Fort Myers Beach, Fla - On the hells of the oil spill in the Gulf, attitudes on off-shore drilling remain the same as before the big spill.

"I think we really need to continue drilling", said one beach goer.

A walk up and down Fort Myers beach and people soaking in the sun and enjoying the sea breeze say the search for crude has its consequences, but we need the oil.

A New Rasmussen poll shows 48% of people in Florida favor off-shore drilling. The number is down from nearly 60% back in 2008.

The oil spill crisis has re-ignited the debate on whether to ban drilling off Florida. Democrats in Tallahassee are calling for a special session to put a ban on drilling on the November ballot. Governor Crist has signaled he would support such a move.

The poll was taken earlier this week and has a +/-4.5 margin of error.