Published: May 07, 2010 9:30 PM EDT

If you've wondered what will be on the site of the old Southwest Regional Hospital, we have the answer.

Right now...solid plans are in place... and that means local jobs and a boost to the economy.

The Leesar building will eventually sit where the hospital used to be.  It's not set to open for another two-years...but the president of Leesar says the benefit to the community will last for decades.

"We'll be adding about 100 positions to this...we'll be ready for any major disaster or emergency from a medical prospective," says Bob Simpson, President and C.E.O. of Leesar.

The facility will provide medical supplies to every hospital in Lee and Sarasota counties, hence the name Leesar.

Right now, the operation is run out of a building in Lehigh Acres.'ll be moved to Fort Myers...and become a one-stop shop.  Simpson says there's no other place like this in the United States.

"This site will be functional 24/7 and will service, very effectively, all the health care facilities in Lee and Sarasota county," says Simpson.

There's word the sheriff's office may have an emergency dispatch center in the building.