Published: May 07, 2010 6:12 AM EDT

(BONITA SPRINGS, Fla.) Lee County firefighters put their firefighting skills to the test in a brand new training facility in Bonita Springs. San Carlos Park, Estero, and Bonita Springs fire departments trained all day Friday in the unique building. It's made up of five steel shipping containers so firefighters can fight live fire. Cadets and veterans alike have nearly 1200 feet of interior space to practice in.

Conditions exceed more than 400 degrees in the building and give firefighters a good chance to fight fire in a different circumstance.

"On occasion we'll get a donated house but most of the time they are so old we'll have to strip it down to the tile", says spokeswoman for Bonita Fire and Rescue, Debbi Redfield.

The project cost under 25 thousand dollars and was put together by local firemen. "If we built a full-scale fire training building onto our tower it would have been more than 150 thousand dollars", says Redfield. "The only other place to train with live fire is the Fort Myers Fire Academy, there really aren't many other opportunities to train like this", Redfield adds.

While the training facility is at the Bonita Fire Station, any area fire departments are welcome to use it.