Published: May 07, 2010 8:07 PM EDT

Some homeowners in Cape Coral are angry at the city because it removed a row of vegetation that blocked off a public works storage compound.  The city says the bushes and trees were mostly invasive, and had to go, because they were encroaching on the work area.

"It makes me sick.  We used to have the greenery across the canal and some birds and so forth.  Now, we look at pipes and work trucks and we hear people over there cutting up metal," said Clark Brown, who live son SE 26th Terrace.

"I first saw the bushes removed, and I cried,"  said Jeanette Wallis, who lives across the canal from the compound.   "I hear the workers, I hear the trucks going beep-beep in the morning.  It's making our lives miserable, just miserable."

Connie Barron of the city manager's office told WINK:   "We had to remove the mostly exotic Brazilian Pepper, because it was growing into the work area.  It was out of control.  Plus, we want to put in a security fence there, which will better protect the materials and things in the compound."

Barron added:  "We are meeting with the people and trying to be a good neighbor.   We will put in a 6-foot fence with white striping, and put in some landscaping, and  it will help a bit to block some of the view from across the canal."