Published: May 07, 2010 5:22 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla. - A cup of coffee and a computer help an 84-year-old Naples man reconnect with his long lost son.

"I've heard him talking about it a couple times when we were outside doing the puzzles," Brad Raub says.

It was over the New York Times Crossword and a cup of Joe that Tom Burke and Brad Raub met at the Starbucks on Central Avenue.

They got to talking and one subject kept coming up. "He mentioned his son a couple times," Raub recalls.

"It was kind of a sad part of my life you know. I had not seen this boy since he was three weeks old," Burke tells me.

Fifty-eight years ago in California, Burke's wife left with their son and never came back. He tried to find his son Kent before, but with no luck. That is until Raub did a little searching with his computer, something Burke doesn't even own.

Raub searched the internet and eventually found someone who fit the description on a social networking site. "He said little details that Tom has mentioned that really connected."

It wasn't long before Raub knew it was a match.

Tom and his son talked for the first time via internet, sitting in Starbucks, with Raub typing all the words. The conversation spanned four hours.

Burke was beside himself with emotion, "Oh, i'm crying and he says, he himself says, oh dad i'm all gooey. I got tears all over the keyboard."

Many conversations and pictures later a father is reconnected with his son. For Raub the experience has been emotional too. "I consider it a big accomplishment."

Burke and his son plan to meet of the summer.