Published: May 06, 2010 11:10 PM EDT

Some people in Lehigh Acres say they will continue to oppose 16 public housing units in their neighborhood.   The Housing Authority of the City of Fort Myers says:   too late, the project is moving ahead with rentals to begin this summer.

"I am very skeptical that they will keep the places looking good," said Jack Reynolds.   "I have real doubts, because I have seen public housing in other places, and there always are problems," said Tom Wickizer, who also lives near the proposed development, to be called Covington Meadows.

"I can only say, we are proceeding to finish these townhomes and we will rent them out and we will make sure they are well-maintained.   It's a high-quality development," said Marcus Goodson, exec. director of the Ft. Myers Housing Authority.

Some neighbors met with Goodson and other local officials on Thursday.   The citizens left, vowing to fight on.   They hope to rally opposition at a meeting in Lehigh next week.

The housing authority used more than one-million dollars from the federal stimulus program, to buy the foreclosed properties and to pay to finish the units.    The units are located off Beth Stacey  in Lehigh.