Published: May 06, 2010 12:53 PM EDT

NAPLES -  The City of Naples has enlisted boat captains to help protect local inlets in the event oil drifts into Southwest Florida.

City Officials want to corral any oil at Gordon Pass and at Doctors Pass because if it gets into Collier's inlets and canals it would harm mangroves and wildlife.

"It would be a much more labor intensive cleanup if the oil made its way inland," says Naples Fire Chief Stephen McInerny.

Naples is making sure there's enough boom fire officials inspected 800 feet today.

"We're just doing our part to make sure we're ready," said Chief McInerny.

The city wants to buy another 2,000 feet of boom.  But, the price could be around $20,000 and that's reportedly on the low-end of the price spectrum.

"It's all based on price and demand and from what we can tell the price is going up," says McInerny.
City Harbor Manager Roger Jacobson has people on standby to deploy the booms.

"I could probably get 30 vessels, 30 captains and 30 licensed spill control people," says Jacobson.  "With 24-hour notice, we'll be ready to go out."

Firefighters and city workers run drills yearly on oil spills.

"This isn't oil coming from a boat obviously but the general idea is the same," said Jacobson. 
City Officials are worried despite all the planning, other areas of Florida may get first priority with the cleanup, leaving Southwest Florida out to dry.

"The city is looking at it like we'll do what we can to stop it, if we get help great," Jacobson explained.
Collier County is also looking to get boom.  They've asked the state for another 108,000 feet of protective boom.