Published: May 06, 2010 3:46 AM EDT

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. - Could these oil spill headlines scare tourists into cancelling trips to the Sunshine State?

Some hotels on Fort Myers Beach have been getting calls from soon-to-be vacationers asking if we will be affected.

Right now, no one really knows if the oil will head to Southwest Florida, so one hotel is working to keep its guests informed.

"It's a beautiful day, the beaches are clear, the waters warm."

But people who don't live here, don't know it. All they've been hearing about the gulf is the oil spill.

"We got a couple today that have reservations for July vacations and they were just calling to inquire if there was an effect on our beaches."

The oil slick didn't stop the Oburns from visiting.

"I would probably still come if I thought it was here. At this moment, there are many other things to do - and then to live through actually seeing it and being personally involved with it also, has it's intrigue. I would certainly hate to see it happen. I hope they can corral it and dissolve it in some manner."

The uncertainty prompted Ellis Etter to post the updates online.

The Pink Shell's website will be streaming live video of the beach so soon-to-be guests will be able to see the water.

"The more we can keep people informed, I think the better it'll be because they hear so much on the news and sometimes they think it might be hitting a certain area of beach, or they think it's the whole state, and it's not."

It's proof tourists see first hand.

The Pink Shell has never posted updates like that on their website before, but say they may do the same thing when hurricane season rolls around.