Published: May 05, 2010 11:30 AM EDT

NAPLES, Fla -  A Naples man is in jail, accused of stealing from a posh hotel.

Police say the crook has been swiping valuable goods from the Inn on Fifth since 2001.

Time finally caught up to 65 year old Roger Gemmen after surveillance cameras inside and outside of the hotel caught him red-handed.

Police say he's been stealing furniture and paintings from the posh Naples hotel for nearly a decade.

"We were losing a piece at a time," said hotel owner Phil McCabe.

McCabe says the thefts have been happening off and on over the years.

He says occasionally pieces of furniture or paintings would go missing.

Then recently, surveillance video caught Gemmen walking into the back of the hotel empty handed.

A few minutes later the cameras caught him leaving with a painting from the hotel lobby.

An observant hotel clerk went into action.

"We managed to get his license plate," McCabe said.

The cameras caught Gemmen leaving the scene in a Toyota 4 Runner.

Gemmen, who is a retired heart surgeon lives part time in Naples.

Inside his home, police found the stolen paintings and furniture from the hotel.

"It was pretty brazen that's for sure," McCabe said.

The total value of the items is about $10,000.

Roger Gemmen told police he stole the stuff from the hotel not for money, but as a misdirected act of anger.

He's never stayed at the hotel.

He doesn't even know Phil McCabe.

Gemmen is charged with grand theft.

According to his arrest report he did say he was sorry and wants to pay for the stolen items.