Published: May 04, 2010 11:58 PM EDT

Business owners say a county plan to cut your commute, will force them to close.
The proposal is to build several flyovers above Colonial Boulevard between the forum, east of I-75 and Fowler street in Fort Myers.

Jerry Johnson owns Alli Gators Bar and Grill on Colonial Blvd.
He says the economy has made the restaurant business tough and says a proposed road project will only make it tougher.

Johnson says, "Here at the restaurant we think it's going to hinder our sales because a lot of people are going to drive right by and not be able to get off to visit our restaurant."
This morning a group of citizens and Fort Myers business owners like Johnson met to discuss their concerns about the 400 million dollar project.
It's expected to pay for itself with tolls.

Lee County project manager Don DeBarry says he would have liked to be invited to the meeting to address concerns. He also says he personally knows of several business owners who support the project, not to mention citizens.

One citizen says the flyovers can't be built soon enough, "I always travel that way to church especially on Wednesdays and Saturdays and I'm always stuck in a lot of traffic."