Published: May 04, 2010 11:30 PM EDT

MOBILE, Ala. - An executive with BP PLC is saying that the company has announced $25 million grants for four Gulf coast states affected by the oil spill.

BP Chief Operating Office Doug Suttles said Tuesday that he hopes the grants will help Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida cut through red tape to get money to communities and people impacted by the spill. Suttles also said there have been more than 10,000 volunteers and about 3,500 have been trained to help with the cleanup. He says they are offering to pay the volunteers but some have refused the money.

Officials have received more than 1,000 applications for boats to join in the cleanup, and already have about 500 boats in the program. Over 1,000 people have also showed up to remove debris from beaches that could be impacted.