Published: May 03, 2010 10:45 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY - County leaders are making plans to deal with the massive oil spill that's hemorrhaging 210 thousand gallons of crude into the gulf each day.

"Sooner or later that oil is going to get down to this side of the coast," says Collier County Commission Chairman Fred Coyle.

Governor Crist has already extended his emergency declaration into Sarasota.

"We may consider extending it to Collier and Monroe county," says Governor Crist.

Collier County has miles of coast to protect.  They're using a map of the county's inlets to figure out how many booms they need.  They're also researching the cost and availability.

"We would like to make sure we have necessary tools available to make sure they're not used up," says Coyle. 

County officials are also concerned about the oil spill's impact to the local economy.  They're nervous misinformed tourists may cancel trips to the area.

"People's geography isn't always real good," says Collier's Tourism Director Jack Wert.

The Tourist Development Council is prepared to spend up to $300 thousand on ads telling tourists the oil isn't here yet.

"We have ads on the shelf to adapt to specific emergency situations," says Wert. 

The oil could also put a hold on a $1.1 million emergency beach re-nourishment project at Doctor's Pass in Naples.  Local leaders say they don't want to put sand down just to have it covered in oil.