Published: May 03, 2010 11:22 PM EDT

Cape Coral, Fla - A recent jump in complaints and foreclosed homes has officials turning to residents to deal with violations. The city starting a volunteer program to deal with unmowed lawns and illegal signs posted in neighborhoods.

Some 9,000 homes in the Cape are in foreclosure and that is keeping code enforcement officers extremely busy.

"They'll have targeted tasks to offset the officer's field responsibilities", said Frank Cassidy, the head of Cape's Code Compliance.

The program, which gets underway Tuesday, has more than a dozen residents so far. Volunteers, however, won't have the authority to issue a citation.

Residents expressed support for the force.

"Well, it's a good idea because I think that its going to make the city look a lot better. It'll be more control about all the ugly things we see around", said one woman.

Feuding neighbors can breathe a sigh of relief, volunteers who sign up for the program will not be assigned to the neighborhood they live in.