Published: May 01, 2010 12:00 AM EDT

NAPLES, Fla- At 15-years old, Deborah Suarez is the number-1 female tennis player in the state of Florida for her age group and you can say, tennis is in her blood.

"My aunt use to play tennis and she was number-1 in Venezuela, in the whole country," said Deborah. " My other aunt use to play tennis and she was either two or three. And my mom played a little bit of tennis."

But her family ties to the game are not the only reason why Deborah loves tennis.

"It's not like any other sport where you're with other people and you have to depend upon them or they have to depend on you. If you lose everyone loses or if you win, everyone wins. But if you win in tennis its just you winning, no one else" laughed Deborah.

The biggest obstacle Deborah faced in her persuit of becoming a professional tennis player was coming up with the funds to keep playing the game she loves at a high level. That was, until Girls Are Best Charity took center court.

"The more you grow up the more expensive everything gets," Deborah explained. "Girls Are Best helps out girls in need, as in people who are aspiring to do something, they help them reach that goal."

And Deborah's goal is simple.

"To be top-20 in the world, WTA." Deborah said without missing a beat. "Without Girls Are Best I wouldn't be able to reach this goal. And really, girls are best!"