Published: May 01, 2010 5:19 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - Collier County may be getting another chance to bring the Cubs Spring Training to the county. The Arizona legislature just ended their session without passing funding Mesa needs for the Cubs new stadium. Lawmakers do not meet again before the July 12th deadline in the team's agreement, leaving the team open to talk to other cities.

Gary Price, a member of the group that was originally trying to lure the team here, says he was planning on Mesa getting into this pickle.

"We never stopped our process," Price says.

Price and his group have been working non-stop, even after the Cubs choose Mesa, making leeway with site preparation for the stadium and putting themselves in scoring position with investors.

"Private funding is part of it, it's part of the plan and certainly we've made great progress there," Price explains.

However, he hasn't heard yet from the team that Collier is on deck. When he does, Price says they're ready to move to the next stages.

Those stages, if the team came back to negotiate, would include getting the commissioners to give a portion of the tourist tax to build the stadium.

"We have to secure TDC funding, we have to get the community support, we have to get community support from the decision makers and the people that live here."

Some of those people are giving the signs they're still in.

"I think it would be great for the area, all for it," a local husband and wife say.

Kathy Acorn agrees, "I think anything that does well for businesses and the community is a good thing."

Tom Ricketts, one of the owners of the Chicago Cubs, told the Associated Press Friday he wasn't aware of the issues with the Arizona legislature.

Price believes Collier County has an even better chance than before of scoring the team.